Student Projects

Stanford VR selects and supports a cohort of student projects every school year. Each project group is paired with a relevant industry mentor to give guidance and feedback throughout the year. The project cohort also gets full access to our club hardware and the opportunity to demo to industry VIPs at Stanford Immersive Media Conference in the spring.




A puzzle game that challenges players' ability to navigate strange spaces while controlling gravity. The main feature of the game is a teleportation mechanic where players can not only move laterally through the space but also shift their orientation and the gravity of the world in order to teleport to surfaces that are not at the same orientation as them (ie: walls). This can be used to challenge players' ability to navigate strange spaces and take advantage of their control over gravity.



CentrifyVR is an immersive virtual reality relaxation experience that guides users to become more aware of their movements. There has been research demonstrating that when people are encouraged to slow down common movements in their limbs, their heart rate slows and they become more relaxed. This game, inspired by tai chi, places players into a various scenes, such as a sunset sky or starry universe, filled with glowing orbs that guide their hands along a path. The player gets to “pop” these orbs and is encouraged to trace out the path at a steady, slow pace, as they perform different and increasingly more complex movements as new levels are reached.